Barbie movie passes $1 billion at global box office

Barbie movie passes $1 billion at global box office

Bobby crusade shows no sign of decelerating down makers Warner Sisters say it has now passed over a billion bones
At the global box office which means for Greta goig she’s come the first woman to reach the corner as a solo director the movie of course grounded on the notorious plastic doll and starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling took just 17 days from release to pass the one billion bone
Mark at the global box office it really is a case of life in plastic is fantastic for makers Warner Sisters indeed they’ve formerly chased the word barbillion now the Barbie movie is the first in the Studio’s 100 Time history to vend so numerous tickets so presto so as we’ve said the Barbie movie took 17 days to pass the one billion bone

Mark at the global box office the last movie to do that for Warner Sisters was this one Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part two but that took 19 days back in 2011. now there’s no mistrustfulness that the Barbie movie has been helped by the current battle with the other big film of the moment Oppenheimer the whole PR hype around it has been ingrained barberheimer but for Barbie director Greta Gerwig she has now made history she she’s the first womanish solo director to be behind a one billion bone
movie Warner Sisters heads said it was Testament to her Brilliance adding that she was literally turning the entire world pink now the Barbie movie is still number one at theU.S box office and in other countries around the world it’s helping the film assiduity to continue its brio back after the covid epidemic that’s Nikki Sheila there with some of the background well I spoke to Sandro monetti as well he is editor- in- chief of the Hollywood International filmmaker magazine I asked him whether he was surprised by such a smash well no because the marketing crusade was one of the stylish I have ever seen for any product in history and yes a plastic doll created back in 1959 has saved the cinema assiduity because when you suppose about it the familiar death bell was ringing yet again for movie theaters it’s because the summer 2023 box office had started off with a lot of disappointing flicks which had performed below prospects and also came Barbie and blew everything down it’s a Barbie world now we just live in it I mean we’re I mean I have not seen it yet Sandro but I I want to say I have been told by numerous of my peers it’s brilliant I have got to wear pink when I go and this is the point is it’s an event is not it it’s not just going to see a film it’s especially an event for but still largely underserved womanish followership you know Sally you can snare your girl’s Squad and head down to uh the multiplex or as you will be calling it latterly your mojo dozo Kaja house mangled that up a bit but uh yeah um you know people are drawn in uh by the marketing crusade and when they get there they find a a movie which takes them by surprise because it’s not just a musical it deals with empirical questions it’s principally a lampoon on gender identity and it’s veritably timely uh and so this isn’t just a hype machine uh this is a movie that really gives commodity people commodity to suppose about as well as enjoy and and tell us about Greta Gerwig you know this is this is fantastic for her to come the first woman to reach the corner of a solo director passing a billion bones
at the box office so snappily uh what does this mean for her in your opinion well it means that she’s in a fantastic negotiating position for Barbie too if nothing differently because unlike utmost ballot flicks uh the plant behind this Warner Sisters hadn’t inked up its director andco-writer uh Greta gerwick nor it stars Margot Robbie or Ryan Gosling for a effect commodity that’s traditionally done with Marvel film Star Wars flicks uh Etc so she can principally write her own check she’s actually making a Snow White movie coming uh trying to see if she can do uh for that uh traditional figure uh what she did for uh for Barbie but it really uh elevates her into the big time uh you mentioned there that she’s the first single womanish director to have a film go over a billion bones
uh that is because both Frozen and Captain Marvel uh had womanishco-directors but yeah she’s made movie history Barbie’s doing great it’s only three weeks in where is it going to end and that is a veritably good question Sandro monetti there entertainment pressman

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