Little Devil Inside Receives Surprise Update After Years of Silence


  • After years of silence, Neostream Interactive shocks fans with a new Little Devil Inside gameplay clip, which showcases an immersive RPG experience.
  • Little Devil Inside combines emotionally fascinating tales with hard gameplay components, drawing inspiration from classics such as the X-COM series.
  • Neostream Interactive answers issues and disappointments, confirming its commitment to providing an excellent gameplay experience using Unreal Engine 5.

Little Devil Inside

Little Devil Inside is an upcoming action-adventure video game created and released by Neostream Interactive. The game’s single-player and cooperative multiplayer modes both follow the professional and personal lives of explorers hunting for monsters and strange happenings in a 19th-century-inspired setting. It will be released first for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, with the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One following shortly after.


Little Devil Inside is set in the nineteenth century, with Victorian influences and steampunk features. The creators refer to it as a “surreal, unrealistic world… somewhere between heaven and hell.” Billy, the main character, is a swordsman hired by a study team (headed by college professor Vincent and his colleague, Dr. Oliver) to traverse the world in search of the supernatural and other strange occurrences. The researchers’ ultimate goal is to create a comprehensive compendium of “all phenomenal existence.”

The game also takes a humorous approach to the video game cliché of hunting monsters for financial gain by delving into the more mundane elements of such characters’ lives, like their financial disparity with their employers. In the words of Neostream

Visual style

The game has a minimalist visual design, with a simple user interface and a lack of menus whenever feasible, requiring players to determine information by analyzing visual signals and talking with their characters. Characters will begin to hobble if they are injured, cough if they become unwell, or shiver if they become too cold.[Similarly, while the various characters available to players will have different traits and stats (for example, boastful characters hiding when injured, female-obsessed characters having narrower vision), these will not be explicitly displayed to the player but must be deduced.

Cooperative multiplayer

The game also supports cooperative multiplayer (including local multiplayer), which allows many players to engage in the same quest. Additionally, the game allows for random interactions between players.

Little Devil Inside Receives Surprise Update After Years of Silence

Surprise Update After Years of Silence

Neostream Interactive stunned fans with a new gameplay trailer for Little Devil Inside. Following years of expectation and quiet, the creators recently provided an update on the indie game’s progress, highlighting numerous facets and insights into its creation.

Little Devil Inside is a 3D action-adventure RPG that immerses players in a bizarre but recognizable world full of humans, creatures, and monsters to interact with. It emphasizes living a realistic existence in a surreal world, highlighting the daily routines of people with unusual jobs such as monster hunting. Little Devil Inside’s design style is based on minimalism, to create a visually detailed universe.

Little Devil Inside, inspired by classics such as the X-com series and The Legend of Zelda, offers an intriguing gaming experience that combines emotionally compelling tales with hard gameplay mechanics.

Neostream Interactive released a new 6-minute gameplay clip to address the protracted gap after Little Devil Inside was announced at the PlayStation State of Play in October 2021.

This film depicts a variety of settings, enemies, and activities, including exploration, hunting, battling, interacting with different NPCs, and customizing the character. It provides an enticing insight into the universe of Little Devil Inside and the adventures that await gamers.

Little Devil Inside Gameplay Footage

In an emotional note posted on its Kickstarter website, the company recognized supporters’ fears and complaints and apologized for the lack of contact over the years. The team also discussed the difficulties they encountered, such as staff changes and conflicting creative ideas, which led to the delays and lack of news.

Despite the delays in Little Devil Inside’s initial delivery timeframe, Neostream Interactive reiterated its commitment to creating a wonderful game, emphasizing its renewed focus and passion for the project. The developers recently revealed a huge update: Little Devil Inside will now be produced on Unreal Engine 5. Developers also expressed appreciation to their supporters and promised to keep the community updated as they worked towards completion.

In this exploration-focused survival action RPG, players explore a professor’s odd behaviors. As players navigate a dynamic global map, experiencing events and upgrading gear and vehicles, preparation, strategic decision-making, and knowing adversary behavior are essential.

Combat has dynamic mechanics and a hybrid aiming system, and the immersive UI design blends smoothly with action. The game also has multiplayer modes, which include cooperative missions and random encounters.

While some fans were frustrated by the lengthy quiet on the Little Devil Inside Kickstarter website, the majority rallied behind Neostream Interactive, expressing their support and enthusiasm for the game’s eventual release. The Little Devil Inside creator has had to apologize to fans before. However, the game looks to continue to have strong fan support, with many hoping to learn more sooner rather than later.

Little Devil Inside Receives Surprise Update After Years of Silence


After years of silence, Neostream Interactive surprises fans with a new Little Devil Inside gameplay video that depicts an immersive RPG experience. Little Devil Inside blends emotionally compelling stories with challenging gameplay elements, taking influence from classics like the X-COM series. Neostream Interactive addresses concerns and frustrations, reaffirming its commitment to providing a quality gameplay experience using Unreal Engine 5.

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