Ukraine drone attack on Russian ship in Black Sea

President Putin has had to deal with an attack on a Russian Navy ship that, according to Ukraine, was carried out using an unmanned marine drone that was carrying about half a tonne of explosives. The ship was stationed in the port of Navorrosisk, which is a significant centre for Russian export.As our Ukraine reporter James Waterhouse reports from Kiev, a video provided by the Ukrainian Security Services purports to show such a weapon striking the side of a Russian navy Russian-dominated waterways Under the cover of darkness, as a Russian cruiser carrying supplies approaches an autonomous hunter, Ukraine depends on stealth. The hunter is meant to explode upon collision in the morning light. Leaning on one side or being hauled to land, the vessel seems to be severely damaged. Novelist Sisk is a prominent Russian grain and oil export hub When it comes to sea drone attacks on the Black Sea, Ukraine has claimed responsibility.Similarly to recent damage to the KirchBridge linking seized Crimea to mainland Russia, Russian missiles have been bombarding Ukrainian ports for the last two weeks.Russia is plainly attempting to hit back where it can in the face of Ukraine’s attacks, in the hopes that it will make it reconsider exercising its military might in the Black Sea. Continual missile assaults What do Kiev’s friends think of these strikes further afield given that they have long been concerned about this conflict spreading, asks one presidential advisorThe necessity for Ukraine to confront Russia trumps all other considerations because it is obvious that if you are not aggressively attacking, you cannot win the war.we’re At War, our allies have already realised that the fight is serious.It is important to eliminate the other side’s capabilities in battle, as seen by the growing number of drone strikes that are getting closer to Moscow.However, this War’s footprint seems to be growing, and whether you are Ukraine or Russia in this war your actions have a political and military dimension so if you look at what’s happening in novologies if Ukraine continues to mount such attacks then they could well forstraighten supply lines they could forceRussia’s Black Sea naval to flee. This War’sfootprint seems to be getting bigger as well. if this occurs, political pressure can be put on Moscow as it tries to defend its actions and there is another aspect we need to consider tomorrow in Saudi Arabia.Ukraine and Russia have both stated that they are still far from being able to sit across from the negotiating table, and if we look at what is happening on the Black Sea in addition to what is continuing to happen in Ukraine and moreso Russia than the conditions are hardly being set. There is a peace summit involving more than 40 countries without Russia where they will try to agree the principles of a future uh peace deal.

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