Niger coup: Deadline approaching for leaders to restore power

we start with a deadline set by West African countries for the leaders of a achievement in Niger to reinstate the chairman that’s due to expire in the coming hours the indigenous block Echo was made up of West African leaders has hovered implicit military action if the governance fails to misbehave Applause) but there’s some support for the achievement within Niger this was a demonstration backing the achievement leaders and against warrants assessed by Echo was neighboring countries Mali Burkina Faso Guinea have also advanced their support to the achievement leaders and Algeria which borders Niger to the north has said it categorically is against fortified intervention France though says it’ll support sweats by ecowas to restore niger’s tagged chairman niger’s high minister has been in Paris on Saturday meeting lawgivers and chatting people outside the Niger Embassy he has dismissed thosepro-koo demurrers taking place in his country well with the deadline just hours down now our pressman
Chris ewoko reports from Northwestern Nigeria near to the border with Niger they are praising for the worst numerous of them were born then in Nigeria but they’ve noway been cut off from their roots in Nigeria the achievement has caught them aback with the borders closed and a gathering political extremity they’re now separated from their families Suleiman Ibrahim lives then in sabong community but one of his women
and some of his children are over the Border in Miami has been unfit to reach her for days um Music) foreign Music) I am then in sabong one of the communities generally inhabited by people from Niger for the once days since the achievement they’ve an anxiety among the residers pressure is heightened as they sweat that any military intervention by ecowas in their country could significantly affect their family members or indeed peril their own safety then in Nigeria this men are upset that the use of force to restore the unstead chairman in Miami could be disastrous youthful son lives in doso in Southwestern jail she fears for his safety foreign foreign so does the world for the cool leaders in Miami there is been no sign that they will hear to Regional and transnational calls to back down and reinstate chairman Muhammad bazoom but experts say any military intervention threat farther destabilizing the Sahel region formerly tormented in sokoto near the border with Nigeria

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