Russian bomb hits Ukrainian blood transfusion centre

Russian bomb hits Ukrainian blood transfusion centre where President zielinski says a Russian lemon has hit a blood transfusion Center in the Northeast payoff and injuring people though he says saviors are at the scene in the city of kubiansk saying there are quote dead and wounded the report’s strike has happed shortly later Ukraine says dumdums hit a installation which manufactures machines and aeroplanes
and copters in the country’s West so far Russia hasn’t intimately reflected but in a tweet zelenski declared this war crime Alone says everything about Russian aggression beasts that destroy everything that simply allows to live defeating terrorists is a matter of Honor for everyone who values life or then is our Ukraine pressman
James Waterhouse if there’s delicacy to chairman zielinski’s claim it appears formerly again a medical structure has Has Come In detriment’s Way we have seen it ahead with a motherliness sanitarium in the besieged megacity of maliupole last time we have seen it in a internal health sanitarium in nepo just a many months ago this is a war that is synonymous with mercenary areas with metropolises being directly targeted now in chairman zielinski’s tweet he says this war crime Alone says everything about Russian aggression he says defeating terrorists is a matter of Honor for everyone who values life now this is typical rhetoric you get from chairman zielinski as he tries to boost his country’s morale under this sustained kind of attack we are told there are dead and wounded but we do not know important outside of President zielinski’s tweet thanks to James for that well before I spoke to Colonel Brendan Carney former Chief of Staff for theU.S Marine Corps forces in Europe and I started by asking his studies on Russia’s strategy then well it’s hard to Define their strategy uh they’re veritably much in a reactive mode um and I see this durability and sorely it’s been going on now for well over a time where they’re targeting these medical centers seminaries places that are full ofnon-combatants and according to the transnational law and the law of work that is not the places you target so it’s uh I am not sure what Putin has got up his sleeve then uh in terms of what he thinks he is going to negotiate but sorely I suppose all it does is uh buoy the resoluteness of the Ukrainian people and uh good for them uh this is an awful mortal being that’s waging a war on the Innocence that I suppose the world has just got to be floored with well let’s let’s switch to the ukrainians also what do you make of thecounter-offensive so far well you know what I am actually uh this may surprise you a little bit I’m actually not surprised that it’s moving sluggishly uh we’ve to flash back that from October November of last time up until the thaw uh that occurs in April and May in Ukraine uh the Russians were basically buttressing their protective positions I would presume I can’t prove this but I would presume that the minefields that separate the Russian forces and the Ukrainian forces are presumably the thick minefields on Earth right now so the ukrainians have to get through that and it requires an engineering trouble a violating trouble as we would describe it in the west uh to get through and I am not surprised it goes slow and historically flash back June 6 1944 the Abettors didn’t get out of Normandy for a number of weeks it was well into August and that is with inviting air superiority and neither the ukrainians nor the Russians have that under this current situation well let’s talk about our power um the ukrainians decided they weren’t going to stay for this uh superiority in the air before they launched the counter descent we have long heeded to zelenski to all the world and ask for it aviators are in training effects like that what do you make of where we’re with Ukrainian air power again I am not surprised uh I suppose the uh the training channel for aviators especially educated pipelights aviators is going to be shorter than what everybody has said they are going to be uh those Ukrainian pipelate aviators that are in the Western channel right now uh are presumably doing veritably veritably well and advancing veritably veritably snappily but the thing is that the ukrainians had held off say they had said okay let’s not launch our counter descent as everybody’s awaiting in late June or early July or August well what you start to run up against is Mother Nature and that’s what they’re having to deal with we’re looking right now at superb rainfall and it’ll continue uh through the remainder of August and September but once you start to get into October you start to play a cotillion with Mother Nature in terms of when does downtime launch coming in and indeed also though those aviators might be suitable to fly in new aircraft but what is the ground force is going to do they are going to be they’re going to be caught up in general slush and uh slush has no pets and it’s just gon na uh it’s just gon na hold up everything that is going on in terms of the advance well we are going to stay with the war in Ukraine because Saudi Arabia has been hosting addresses aimed at chancing a result to the war elderly officers from some 40 countries including theU.S China and India have gathered there to try to find a peaceful agreement though Russia has not been invited to take part well let’s go live now to our pressman
Samaya Hashmi who is been covering the story from Dubai for us Samir good to see you so what is been passing at these addresses well the addresses are demurred off on Saturday and it’s been attended by the National Security counsels and elderly officers from 40 countries uh history there was a long discussion we still don’t know the details of it because no statement was released moment is the final day of discussion but basically the focus of these addresses is on the 10 10 points the you know being championed or espoused by chairman zielinski he is hoping that he’ll be suitable to make some kind of agreement around it now flash back unlike the former uh analogous Summit that took place which was organized by Ukraine that took place in Denmark 15 countries attended that but this time there are 40 countries including those that have either espoused a neutral station during the course of this war countries like India and Saudi Arabia and indeed lemon but you also have a China sharing which is a Big Boon for Ukraine the fact that China still has close ties with Moscow so what chairman zelinski and his platoon is hoping is that the 10 point formula they’re talking about they’ll be suitable to agree on some of the principles which would bolster the addresses latterly this time where chairman zielinski wants to invite world leaders so that is the focus of the addresses during the peak and just compactly give us an idea don’t you do not have to go through all 10. but give us some of the principles that Ukraine is bringing to the table that they’ll be trying to get some agreement on the crucial bones
being Ukraine wants Russian colors to pull out fully from Ukraine uh he wants security for energy and food grains and thirdly he also wants to go back or drop the borders which were agreed upon postpost-soviet so these are the three main conditions now I suppose the ukrainians and indeed the Western abettors anticipate that uh all the countries especially the countries like China India won’t agree to all those points but hopefully they will come to uh you know agree upon some of them and one of them another bone
which I missed out was the Integrity of uh the territorial Integrity of Ukraine that’s veritably important to uh chairman zielinski’s platoon and I suppose that is commodity which utmost countries agree on is just about how do you go ahead flash back what he is ultimately hoping is that if some of these countries agree to the formula that is been presented also they can kind and kind of influence Moscow Kremlin to come to the negotiating table okay

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